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By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
February 17, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Veneers  

Whether your teeth are badly stained, a little crooked or simply an awkward shape, Jeffrey Mason, DMD in Hasbrouck Heights offers a dental treatment worth getting excited about: porcelain veneers. Thin, tooth-like shells placed on the front of your teeth, and porcelain veneers wipe away all of your past dental concerns, leaving you with a beautifully perfect new smile you'll be proud to show Veneersoff. Here are three amazing benefits that veneers from Dr. Mason in Hasbrouck Heights can offer you.

1. A Brilliant White Smile

No matter how badly your teeth are stained, what caused the stain or how stubborn the stain is, none of that matters anymore. Even if every other whitening treatment has failed, porcelain veneers are guaranteed to do the trick. Because veneers cover your teeth, they completely cover any staining, leaving you with a smile you can be proud of. Plus, porcelain veneers resist future staining, keeping your smile white for years to come.

2. A Perfectly Straight Smile

If your smile is only slightly crooked or gapped, you don't have to spend months in braces trying to fix it when a simple pair of custom-fit veneers may do the trick. Veneers not only straighten teeth; they can close the gaps between teeth as well. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mason in Hasbrouck Heights and find out if you would be a good candidate. You may be surprised what a quality set of veneers can do!

3. Improved Tooth Size and Shape

Are your teeth short, narrow, pointy or chipped? Get that Hollywood-ready smile you've been wanting with veneers from Dr. Mason. It doesn't matter what your teeth looked like before. Veneers cover up your old, embarrassing teeth, giving you the beautiful smile you want and deserve.

Stop covering up your smile or hiding your face in embarrassment. Dr. Mason in Hasbrouck Heights offers beautiful, quality veneers that will have you smiling ear to ear in no time. Call and schedule an appointment today!