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By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
February 25, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental Implants: Smart Investment For Your Smile

You deserve the best when it comes to your oral health. You don’t want some mediocre solution that causes more problems than it actually fixes. Tooth loss can’t be ignored. Once a tooth is lost, we recommend you schedule a consultation to figure out the best solution. Nowadays, many patients are making a smart investment by getting a dental implant to replace a tooth. The materials and technology offer the best benefits. If you get a dental implant in Hasbrouck Heights, here is what you can look forward to after the implants
Look for permanence
You don’t want a dental prosthesis to be short lived. Dental implants undergo a process called osseointegration in which the bone cells grow around the implant. The material they typically use is titanium because it is durable and biocompatible. And the implants unique screw-like design allows the jawbone to secure itself into those tiny ridges, so it won’t budge—that’s why it is permanent.
Protect against plaque bacteria
Unless you got your tooth knocked out, you probably lost it to tooth decay. It’s safe to assume you don’t want to lose another to plaque bacteria. One of the best benefits of a dental implant is that it isn’t affected by decay. However, it can still accumulate around the synthetic crown, so you need to make sure to brush and floss on a daily basis.
Improve chewing function
Other restorative devices are less sturdy compared to dental implants because they aren’t osseointegrated into the jawbone. With dental implants, Hasbrouck residents can enjoy expanding their dietary choices without worrying about a dental device coming loose in the mouth.
Are you interested in dental implants? To schedule a consultation for dental implants in Hasbrouck Heights, call (201) 288-4447. You can also find more information about dental implants on our website. Take a look and let us know what you think about dental implants!

By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
February 21, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

She received an academy award for best supporting actress in Chicago (2002); she regularly stars in big Hollywood films like Oceans Twelve and Side Effects. And she’s been named one of People magazine’s “most beautiful people” of the year… a total of five times so far. According to big-screen heartthrob Antonio Banderas, “She has one of the most beautiful close-ups in cinematography today.”

So would it surprise you to learn that Catherine Zeta-Jones had a little help from cosmetic dentistry along the way? In her childhood, the actress said, “I was teased because I had a really flat-looking nose, and before I got braces, my teeth used to stick out a bit.” According to press reports, she has also had various dental treatments to make her teeth look whiter and more even.

Because she’s been in the spotlight since a young age, Zeta-Jones had her cosmetic dental treatments performed over a number of years. But if you’re unhappy with your smile right now, there’s no need to wait: Getting a complete “smile makeover” starts with a consultation at our office. How does it work?

We begin with a thorough dental exam to check for any underlying issues, and some basic questions, including: What do you (and don’t you) like about your smile? Are your teeth as even and as white as you’d like them to be? Is your smile too “gummy”, or do the teeth seem too large or small in proportion to your facial features? Do gaps, chips or cracked teeth detract from your appearance?

Next, working together with you, we can develop a plan to correct any perceived problems in your smile. We’ve already mentioned two of the most common ways to enhance a smile that’s less than perfect: orthodontics for straightening crooked teeth, and whitening treatments for a more brilliant smile. If your teeth are otherwise healthy, both treatments can be performed at any time — in fact, more and more of today’s orthodontic patients are adults.

Other treatments that are often used include cosmetic bonding to repair small to moderate chips or cracks in teeth; crowns (caps) to restore teeth with more extensive structural damage; and veneers to remedy a number of defects — including discoloration, small irregularities in tooth spacing, and even teeth that appear too long or too short. Plus, we have even more procedures designed to remedy specific dental issues.

Will having a better smile get you on the “most beautiful people” list? We can’t say for sure. But we think you’ll feel better about yourself… and people will notice.

If you would like more information on smile makeovers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor articles “The Impact of a Smile Makeover” and “Great Expectations — Perceptions in Smile Design.”