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By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
December 02, 2013
Category: Oral Health
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Hasbrouck Heights NJ Cosmetic DentistryLady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyoncé—what do these four women have in common? You can probably name a few: vocalists, top stars and trend setters. All true, but we were thinking of something else—grill wearers. Grills are the “it” thing in Hollywood, hopefully not for long. Not many people, besides celebrities, are wearing grills, but it’s important to be cautious of this dental trend.
Dr. Jeffrey Mason, dentist in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, identifies two problems with “grillz”—oral hygiene and worn enamel. Grills are typically made of silver or gold, and they can be decorated with flashy jewels. Right now, there are no studies that reveal grills to be harmful to the mouth, but a grill can affect oral health.

Dental Grill and Bacteria

If a grill wearer doesn’t maintain proper oral health, bacteria and food particles can accumulate on the inside of a grill, which rests on the surface of the teeth. Growing bacteria and acid can break down the enamel, causing early signs of tooth decay.

Dental Grill and Worn Enamel

Besides the possibility of bacteria and acid causing worn enamel, a grill might not be properly fitted; thus, it can cause friction between the inside of the grill and the enamel. It’s important to preserve enamel for the sake of healthy teeth and gums.
Grills aren’t glamorous. A white, straight smile will always win the award for best smile—it’s a trend that won’t go out of style. At Dr. Mason’s practice, cosmetic dentistry in Hasbrouck Heights includes crowns, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Schedule an appointment today for a whiter, more confident smile. What do you think about dental grills? Do you give them five stars or no stars? Let us know in the comments!