By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
August 11, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: abscess   infection  

A blemish on your face isn't usually a cause for concern, but when a pimple appears on your gum, it's time for a visit to the dentist. Jeffreyabsess Mason, D.M.D., your Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, dentist, explains why prompt treatment is essential if you notice a bump.

Bumps are signs of infection

Bumps or pimples in your mouth are usually a sign of an abscess, a bacterial infection that affects the mouth. Abscesses can form in the spaces between your teeth and gums and can be caused by gum disease or the presence of trapped food. You may also develop an abscess if the nerve in a tooth begins to die. Although the abscess may start in the root of the tooth, it can spread to your jawbone.

Other signs of an abscess

In addition to a bump in your mouth, you may also notice:

  • Severe toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity when you bite or chew or eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Swelling in your cheek or jaw
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your jaw or neck
  • Fever

Don't pop the pimple

The pimple or bump you see is filled with pus. Although popping it will cause the pus to drain and may relieve your pain, that doesn't mean that you no longer have to see your dentist. The bacterial infection that caused your symptoms will remain and grow worse without treatment with antibiotics. In fact, an untreated infection can spread throughout your body.

How can my dentist help?

If you notice any of the symptoms of an abscess, call your Hasbrouck Heights, NJ dentist as soon as possible. He can clean the infected area of your gum or perform a root canal if the abscess started in a tooth. He can also provide antibiotics and pain killers that will help you feel much better. If your abscess was caused by gum disease, it's essential to treat the disease to prevent another abscess.

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