Find out how cosmetic dentistry in Hasbrouck Heights can completely transform your smile.

If you are ready to revamp your smile then it’s time to consider the many options your Hasbrouck Heights cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey cosmetic dentistryMason can offer you so you can get a younger and more attractive smile. Here are only some of the fabulous cosmetic treatments we offer:

Dental Bonding

While composite bonding resin is often used to fill a cavity it can be used for strictly cosmetic purposes, as well. If you are dealing with minor damage such as cracks or chips, or you have a discolored tooth then dental bonding might be able to help. This moldable resin matches the color of your tooth enamel and is applied over the surface of the tooth and shaped before it is hardened with our dental laser. This happens to be one of the easiest and least expensive types of cosmetic dentistry available.

Porcelain Veneers

These thin, tooth-colored porcelain veneers are each uniquely made to look like your real teeth and are adhered to the front of the tooth to hide a variety of different cosmetic issues from cracked teeth to gaps between teeth. A minimal amount of tooth enamel will need to be removed prior to applying the veneers, but this usually won’t require anesthesia.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common and most popular cosmetic dentistry option in Hasbrouck Heights, professional in-office teeth whitening is used to remove stains and to lighten the color of your teeth so they are brighter. One session can often get teeth several shades whiter in less than one hour. Teeth whitening is great for stains caused by aging, stain-producing foods and drinks, or smoking.

Dental Implants

Are you looking to replace one or more teeth? Then dental implants may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Your Hasbrouck Heights dentist will first place a metal screw into the jaw where your missing tooth’s roots were. The bone and tissue surrounding the implant will slowly begin to fuse together with the implant, making it a strong, supportive structure from which to hold a dental crown, bridge or dentures (depending on how many teeth you need to replace).

If you are ready to get a brand new smile then it’s time you called our Hasbrouck Heights, NJ dental office today for a cosmetic consultation. Call us today!