By Jeffrey Mason, DMD
May 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

Find out if the dental issues you are having could be solved with this simple endodontic procedure.root canal

If you are currently dealing with a dental issue you may be curious to know whether or not you will require a root canal in order to treat the problem. Of course, if you are ever concerned about the health of a tooth you should always play it safe and turn to our Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Mason, for the care you need. The sooner you seek treatment the better, especially if you do need a root canal.

While it’s true that you might be dealing with classic signs that a root canal is imminent, the only way to tell for certain that you will need to undergo this procedure is by visiting our Hasbrouck Heights general dentist. Of course, if you are dealing with any dental problems it’s important that you come in right away.

The Most Common Symptoms

The classic warning sign is a toothache. Of course, dental pain can manifest itself in many different ways depending on the person. You may notice a nagging toothache that won’t quit or you might notice that the pain gets worse only when chewing or biting down on the tooth. The pain may be mild or it might be so severe that it keeps you up at night.

Other warning signs that you might need a root canal include sudden and prolonged sensitivity to certain hot or cold foods or drinks. If you find that drinking a hot cup of coffee or iced beverage sends your tooth into a tizzy then you may just need root canal therapy.

Besides issues with the tooth itself, you may also notice that the gums around it are puffy, red, or tender to the touch. Sometimes an abscess, an infected pimple-like bump, will form on the gums.

Don’t let a dental problem become more serious by ignoring it. If you are dealing with any of the symptoms above then call our Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, dental office right away. Explain the symptoms you are experiencing and we will make sure to get you into the office right away.